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Texas Premier Ranch Realty- Licensed Agent Zachary Biermann

If your in the market to buy or looking to sell your ranch please let us know. We are a family run ranch and Zachary Biermann is a Licensed Real Estate Agent in Texas who specialized in Ranch Sales in the Texas Hill Country. He works for Texas Premier Ranch Realty and would love the opportunity to discuss any and all of your needs whether your wanting to list your ranch for sale or purchase a ranch. He is a rancher himself and owner of Biermann Ranch Cattle Company and Biermann Ranch so he knows your ranching needs from top to bottom and the best location and properties to achieve whatever it is your looking for. Working with a rancher when it comes to ranch real estate will help ensure that you are getting the best and realest information on Texas ranch real estate and Zach and his family have been ranching in Texas for 106 years on the same hill country property.

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Commercial Recipient Dam- Gert/Hereford X

Commercial Recipient Dam- Gert/Hereford X

SCI- Pending #15 World Record Free Range Typical Axis Deer

37" Main Beams, 26" wide and 8" Bases 

The Biermann Ranch is located in Kendall County only 46 Miles from the San Antonio International Airport, and provides a personalized destination where hunters can harvest FREE RANGE Trophy Axis Deer, Big Hill Country Whitetail, Quail, White-Wing and Mourning Dove as well as Rio Grande Turkey. We also offer a high fence hunt located in Evant, TX 2 hours and 30 minutes north of Comfort, TX where hunters can harvest world class Elk and Axis.

We provide our clients with guided hunts for Deer and Quail, and semi-guided to fully guided hunts for Dove. Our guiding is done by Zachary Biermann who lives here on the ranch, as well as contract guides with over 40 years experience in the quail industry, this helps ensure a very high success rate and professional guiding for deer hunters as well as top class guiding for bird hunters.

Biermann Ranch History

The Biermann Ranch was bought by Carl W. Biermann in 1910 and is approximately 300 acres. It is surrounded by 5,000+ acres of free range, low fence farms and hunting ranches making it a great free chase hunting property. The Guadalupe River runs near the property providing year round water access. The ranch was passed down from Carl W. Biermann to his son Carlton A. Biermann in 1990. The ranch has a family hunting history of over 100 years and several hundred large animals have been taken off of it. The ranch was used mainly for crops, cattle farming and family hunting for years and was just recently over the past 6 years turned into a management ranch for wildlife.

Biermann Ranch outfit in Evant, TX

The Biermann Ranch outfits a ranch located in Evant, TX to provide our customers with world class high fence Axis and Elk hunting. These animals are harvested on a 600+ acre ranch of which half of is high fenced. The animals are guaranteed and booked according to the prices below.

The ranch is 2 hours from Austin, TX and 2 hours and 15 min from the Dallas/Ft. Worth area located on the edge of the northern hill country. This ranch is located approximately 2 hours from the main ranch here in Comfort, TX and transportation can be arranged if needed. Local lodging can be found within 20-30 minutes in Gatesville, TX. The Elk on this ranch are Roosevelt and Rocky Mountain Elk brought in years ago by the owner. He has done an incredible job managing the herd which is why the hunting is world class! The axis on the ranch are some of the most beautiful animals we have ever had the pleasure of seeing. The have the majestic beams that everyone seeks and have genetics that produce the beautiful barrel horn that is approximately 25" wide. If you are looking to get a guaranteed shot on an Elk or Axis deer this is the place to do it!


Reservations are required in advance of hunting.

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October 1, 2015

Whitetail Buck 9 Points

August 31, 2015

Whitetail Buck 8 Points

December 13, 2017

Whitetail Buck 8 Points

Trophy Axis Buck on April 5, 2014

Trophy Axis Buck on May 27, 2015

8 Point buck shot in December 2017

Trophy Axis Buck on June 16, 2015

Trophy Axis Buck on June 20, 2015

9 Point buck shot in December of 2017

Trophy Elk shot in Evant, TX

Trophy Elk hanging from Tractor Loader!

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