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The Biermann Ranch offers 1x1 guided hunting for Deer over a weekend. The ranch offers 1x2 – 2x8 guided hunting for Dove Hunts, and 1x3 - 2x6 Quail Hunts 7 days a week! The ranch is booked with only 1 hunter/group per weekend giving hunters the best chance of success for harvesting a deer. The guiding is done by the Ranch Manager, Zachary C. Biermann, which helps give our hunters the best chance of success due to his time spent on the ranch. The ranch is located in Comfort, Texas in the Texas Hill Country with some of the best free range axis and white tail in the world. Approximately 68% of all exotics were found in the Edwards Plateau or (Texas Hill Country) region. The South Texas region accounts for the bulk of the free-ranging exotics according to Texas Parks and Wildlife, 51% of the statewide total. All of our hunting is free chase and low fenced providing a much sportier hunt than high fenced game ranches. Proof of hunter’s education is required and signing of Liability Release forms are required upon arrival.

In-between hunts there are a lot of shops and touring to do around this Antique town as well as the Flat Rock Ranch, mountain biking ranch, which is open 7 days a week and located only 2 miles past the Biermann Ranch on Flatrock Creek Rd. Only 0.2 Miles down the road from the Biermann Ranch is the Buckhorn Golf Course. An 18 hole course that runs through the hills and trees of Comfort, TX. You can find more information such as rates and restrictions at their website as well as their driving range rates. The course and the course is a great way to spend time in between hunts if you’re looking something to do and is perfect for beginners and advanced players.

Management and Fields

The management program is run by the Ranch Manager Zachary C. Biermann, the grandson of Carlton A. Biermann. His knowledge of the land and animals is vast as he has been doing this on this ranch for 17 years. The program consists of year round protein feeding at multiple locations, farming of several acres of land specifically for deer food plots, dove and quail plots, turkey plots, mineral and attraction sites to maintain quality health, and the most important, quality selection of the animals harvested. Also to help manage the herds, we use several trail cameras to help us establish where and when our animals are coming to the fields or feeders and we utilize this tool to help us measure up certain bucks for harvesting. There are an unbelievable number of White Wing and Mourning Dove that have taken to the ranch all year round.

Our Deer Plots consists of a combination of Wheat, Florida Oats, New Zealand Clovers, Brassicas, Austrian Peas, Turnips, Triticale, Chicory, and Sweet Sudan. We have found that this combination gives the deer a good high protein and high fiber diet with a variety of choices and different vitamins.

Our Dove and Quail plots consist of Sunflower, Millet, and Sorghum fields and our Turkey plots consist of mainly Chufa with a little bit of Clovers and Peas mixed in. All of these fields make our hunting ranch a wildlife paradise.

Since the management program started we have had several good Axis Gold Trophies taken off the ranch. The Axis Gold Trophies took off the ranch over the past several years range from 32 3/8 inch – 34 3/8 inch main beams. The #4 Axis Buck for Records of Exotics in 2012 was taken off of our ranch scoring 151 3/8. We have had trail camera pictures of bucks with 9-11 inch G2’s and 20 inch spreads and harvested bucks weighing in at 178lbs field dressed. Check out the Trail Camera Pictures for this year.


Our Quail are released at the beginning of the year and managed throughout the season for quality hunting. We also release more throughout the year if and when needed. The reason we release quail in the hill country is that there are no real wild quail left in this area. We hope that releasing the birds year after year will help establish a population of real wild quail on and around the ranch. Our quail are about as wild as a pen raised bird can get. There are great flyers and extremely jumpy making for an exciting hunt.

The Quail Hunting is done as a walk up or walk through hunt. It is conducted in the fields and on the edges of the fields. The fields on the property are all very different making the quail hunt very diverse and fun! Some of our fields have tall 2-4 foot King Ranch Bluestem/Coastal Bermuda Grass while others have oats and native grasses with some shrubs and cactus's mixed in. The quail will be present in the fields and on the edges and we guarantee that you will see and get a shot at 15-20 Quail Per Person. There is no bag limit on our ranch as we are a Private Bird Hunting Area Registered with the TPWD therefore it is definitely possible to bag more then 15 Quail per day.


The Dove hunting is great with a 100% success rate on getting daily limits when hunting the morning and evening, and a 80% success rate on getting daily limits when hunting just the evening. These numbers represent bagged not presented. There is always 100% presentation or chance at getting your limit.


The Turkey Hunting on the ranch has always been good. This year is the first year we are offering guided hunts for the Turkeys on the Biermann Ranch. We have a large flock that comes down in the Spring making for a very thrilling Turkey hunt in the Hill Country. We hunt them on the fields of Chufa Gold we plant for them so we can draw them in close for a good shot.

Black Hereford Sire

Red Hereford Sire

Why the Biermann Ranch?

The ranch is located in Comfort, Texas in the Texas Hill Country with some of the best free range axis and whitetail in the world. All of our hunting is free chase and is surrounded by over 5000 acres of free chase and low fenced ranches this makes for a sportier hunt than a high fenced game ranch since the deer can travel long distances and you never know what you’re going to see.

The ranch is the perfect condition to grow cattle due to the ruggedness of the terrain. It culls out any weak feet or bad traits quickly and we end up with the best Herefords you could want. All of our cattle are ultra sounded and TPR are kept on all calves. Check out the Cattle Page for more info!

Pictured Above:

2012 #4 Free Range Axis Buck with a Rifle

Records of Exotics

Zachary C Biermann

Pictured above: 34" Gold Medal Axis

Scoring 142"

Pictured Below: 37" Gold Medal Axis

Scoring 157"..... Overall SCI Rank #15